Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Back from the shire (again)

Well i'm back from the shire and not a chance to rest yet! Been cleaning, working and trying to unpack, yiu may say but you were away did'nt you rest there...
No. I'm from an old welsh family which means my family and extended family is huge! My mother was one of 8 so my time was spent visiting family, babysitting and getting stuck in Cardiff.  But it was great! As I said I got stuck in Cardiff I was visiting my good friend Lucy and her little one...however we were'nt able to get on our bus and we had to run to the bus stop...we missed by 5 minutes! So I had to make a classey shopping trip to buy pants and a toothbrush and ended up stopping the night. It ended up being the highlight of the trip it was'nt planed but we got to spend time together and chill :)
The only downside to being at home (apart from missing partner) was packing away childhood. My parents are selling the house, so it was my job to spend a day packing up anything that was still mine and all my old toys to put into a carboot sale and any sketchbooks to go into storage at my Dad's workshop. Was very strange.
Anyhoo, didn't manage to get the sketching I had planed when away due to family keeping me busy, but need manage to get some dead lands character sketches planed out, and finally painted the cover of my sketchbook. Now I'm back in Derby have finally finished my art trade with Lucy of her character Ella (left) the full version can be seen here. Again another full digital piece with a promise of more to come!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Off to the shire

Well I'm off to Wales again for a week so no updates, so here's were I am with the Ella pic. See ya soon!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Digital love

As I said in my last post much digital love at the moment, with the scanner broken (again) have been working more straight from digital and its been working! Well I think so at least :)
Been doing more SLA Industries based fan art (left) in prep for future games, and also as a challenge to myself to do work outside of my comfort zone and work with armor and weapons more.
Have still been sketching working again with SLA based fan art and several commissions out of the way, however without scanner progress has been slow.
The scanner has been sent away (again) to espon hopefully this time it will be fix. Fingers crossed.

This is what I'm currently working on between day job and life issues and its been a lot of fun. Its an art trade between myself and fellow artist Lucy Williams. Its of her character Ella a rabbit mutant with cybernetic limbs (left arm, right leg) the theme was power. All I could think of for this was the old poster images of women from ww2, so I rolled with it! Working in photoshop cs2, this is a shot from several days ago since then most of the base work on face, eyes, skin and ears done now working on her cybernetic arm.
In other news was made head of handbags at work (whatever that means) and off to wales on Saturday so fun times ahead!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Result of SLA and photoshop


Been back in the SLA themed action past few weeks thanks to the new SLA forums if you a fan of the game please check it out! Due to this been playing much more SLA recently and been inspired to do some fan art. Currently piece is of a Wraithen albino named Pelen Eira "snowball". Been trying to paint straight to digital recently rather than colouring pencil work. So far working well although much more time consuming.
Have been enjoying working straight to digital started with some small sketches such as below, then into full blow works. Just hope this keeps up.