Thursday, 21 June 2012

Where have I been and what I've done

Well its been a while.. So what have I been doing-
Well a lot! 
We have brought the house and now happily settled in, I've tried, fitted and brought my wedding dress, started gathering other little bits and bobs for the wedding. And two major big things...We now have this little bundle of fluff and licks called Bodie! A little black tom cat who is a lot bigger than this picture already.
The other big news Is that I'm now working as an artist for 6D6, its currently free work in my spare time from my day job but worth it. Some previews of the work we're doing will be out in the next few weeks.
 So as you can imagine between Sale prep at work, moving house, wedding planing, kitten and doing work for 6D6 (will be able to show work soon) I haven't had much time for my own work and projects, however have managed to sneak some in. Been using our RP sessions to sketch and breakfast time to colour will be posting a new gallery on my DA with all of these soon. One that I'm pleased with is lost in the woods (right) It started as a A5 sketch of the girl and turned in a small piece. (Click for larger view).

A view bits of bobs on the way my current break time/breakfast time picture is for our current D&D campaign, its a picture of my character (a halfling bard) Cherry's parents featuring a baby version my character. Here is the sketch so far, hoping for some extra exp for this...