Saturday, 17 December 2011


Well its been a while ..again.
But well they know whats wrong now and I really don't mind sharing its how I get my mind around it. I have a Prolactinoma, its a non-cancerous tumor living in my brain.  What it means its a life on meds, with possible scary side-effects but hey well that's life.
Starting after Christmas so at least my family wont have to deal with a crazy lady, which reminds me I am actually going back to wales this year! Only for 3 days but its 3 days with my family made even more specially since I found out I'll going to be an auntie again :)
As you can imagine with everything going art has been pretty slow. Done a few sketches, working on several pieces and made a few canvas's for Christmas presents. 
Also got a paid commission on the go which has cheered the mood a bit :) Its pony based but going to be fun, speaking of which got a view test prices below anytakers?

Single character aka pony pic (see below) $10
Print of above posted to you  $15