Friday, 18 June 2010

I like colours..

Well here is June..I think the weather is looking a bit glum today ah well. But since its June it means sale with means too much stock for our store to take with leaves me this mourning not able to lift my forearms with out them aching. But apart from that things are ok, the same usual problems but we have a roof over our heads.
Art wise a bit all over the place I'll admit currently I'm having modes when I can produce several sketches at once then other evenings with my sketch book on lap unable to put ideas to paper.
But have been productive either way on the left is a close up of a a3 creature concept for a role playing game, the larger versions are on my DA. These I did using 2 different coloured pencils, as a way for me to break out of how I usually do things, this is turn became several character head shots and several other concept sekcthes. Below is what I'm currently working on, yes I've gone back to digital but I wanted to colour this image badly. I had worked on this several months ago however the colour scheme wasn't working and more pressing work came forward. However I was searching my files the other day and tort I would give her another good, now my changing her colours to vivid pinks and purples the dragon warrior suddenly keeps drawing my attention, so hopefully I'll finally get

her done soon :D