Thursday, 21 July 2011



I can't belive July is already here and already half way though! Although it does mean sale will be over soon so will hopefully have time off soon :)
Would like to report the weather has been beauitful but this is Great Britain with the great British weather :s So rain all the way.
Been fairy busy with sale, medical and social things, but have manged to get some art work done. My partner has started running a new fantasy themed role play, and thus I have been working on Georgian style portraits of all the player characters, left is my character the Lady Eleanor Moran a dragon mage, below left is Skyre the ships first mate plated by Robin Smith ,  right Elan Longbow Lady Moran's loyal centaur bodyguard. These were small A5 sketches coloured in Adobe Photoshop.
Got several more of these to go when I have the time, got several non-personal projects I need to finish first.
Have also managed to do some ink paintings  of turnips!!! Yes I know its strange

 but its true! been doing some creature concepts in ink and watercolour for a comic I'm working on, its a odd fantasy setting and the man-eating turnips are a roaming monster. Below is part of one of the designs click the image to see the full version and have more here .
More work to come!