Monday, 18 April 2011

Still waiting..

Still waiting on news for the scanner, really started to get annoyed now :(
 So going back to old work and looking at some pure digital work again, on the left is a faun I'm working on for my partners pen and paper role-playing game in the works.  Enjoying it so far apart from the colouring of old work. I personally hate looking at my old stuff especially line art, all I can see is mistakes and things I could improve on If I didnt have a backlog for work both new and old to complete :/
Below is one of these old pieces a small sketch on A5 of a character is had in a dream, her name was Frieda and I'm not quite sure what is she some sort of forest spirit?
Drew her based upon the early final fantasy works all eyes and head!  Happy with how she turned out for now just did a quick colour and added some background texture.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Scanner ...almost

Still no scanner but borrows mates the other day, so more of this to come.

And this is for fun while waiting :)