Saturday, 9 May 2009

mod roc

finally have my camera has decided to work, so can finally upload my sculpture pics. On the left is my moc roc, wire and clay scuplture of "the porter" a charcter from a nightmare I had several months ago. It was a gentleman creature all blure welcoming guests into a house.
On the bottom is my current sculpture based on my partners role playing character "call me keneth", again this is being made with wire, moc roc and clay.
Not much in other news have entered this months MGC, and currently working on comic book for a friends project.
In personal news feeling ill this past week and a half so looking forward to my day off tomorrow chance to relax (hopefully) and get back on track.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Summer's here...or is it?

Well the suns out, its the 2nd of may and hopefully summer is on the way. However the rain has been evil this week...
In other news all is well, work is keeping me busy, entered last months MGC contest, and my lastest sculpture is coming along. However sadly are goldfish both died this month, horseshoe died of a long illness and poor Kenneth stopped eating after his mate died and thus died himself. Poor little guys. Finally completed my daughters series with Daughter of the Earth (left) which is availble as a print from DeviantArt (right). Also have several pieces made into prints also on the site. Drawing wise reworking the lesbian undead disco and almost completed Poodle rollercoaster.