Thursday, 30 September 2010

Leaving the silly behind me

Finally got the goblin version my myself done and posted, not completely happy but its not meant to be a stand alone piece, will be placed together with other goblin portraits so hopefully she'll look more in place then.
I've made a second blog to post whats been going on in my life and crazy thoughts doctors say its a healthy thing to do especially if you have trouble talking to people in person. So here's the link
So far its full of silly, but still its there.
Currently working on my backlog of sketches to colour, unfortunately my scanner has broken so can't scan any new work in :(

Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Well it has been a while....
All I can say is well its been a weird old time, had my contact increased at work, then got bill from council for crazy amount of money, having hormone troubles again, gas bill came and I turned 25
Now I know turning 25 is no big deal but for me it is, my siblings were all settled down married with kids by my age, several friends are getting married this year and next (several younger than me), and several with babies on the way, and I'm still the same way in the same job trying to save each month and failing. I know this blog isn't for this stuff but I need it somewhere or I'll go mad. I just want my life to start now.
Anyway art is been slow, been experimenting with ink shading (only using photoshop to colour not add tones) the test is above (full version on DA). And have been painting again so getting there.