Friday, 14 September 2012

Hobbits halflings and hobkin!

Well after months finally got around to finishing the party! here we have have:

Daisy Hoppot- bard
Brian Hawthorne - knight
Charlotte five-fingers
Jack McHugh - Fighter
Esme Lightfoot - Priestess
Owen Oakwood - Ranger
Sofie Swiftblade - Assassin
Quentin Queensbury - Black belt/boxer
Roslyn Rosebud - Druid
Winston Willowfire - wizard

you can see a better version clicking on the above image, you can also see the seperate versions by clicking below

In other news had a tooth extraction and now the world is weird and made of pain!! But more work coming soon!

Friday, 31 August 2012


So yeah yesterday was my 27th birthday! To celebrate I found this old ink sketch of red pyramid and decided to colour him in. As I stated in previous posts I've started breakfast projects this has become my birthday resolution! So watch this space! again!
On another note been working for 6d6 doing illustrations for a upcoming lovecraft project check there website here

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Very sketchy!

Well I have been sketchy! Started a new way of thinking of all my stockpiles of old art.
Breakfast projects!
Rather than waste my time surfing the net (mainly I will spend my time working on things that need finishing.
And so far its been a success (left is the coloured pockets)
Soon followed by week 2 with Eska the Orc girl (below) then again by the Thorn family (below eska)
Am hoping his is a turn around for me, have already finished two more pieces today which I will post about after my birthday and have based coated 7 more halflings to add to the adventure collection so watch this space!