Monday, 26 October 2009

need sleep

Well its nearly Halloween and the clocks have changed meaning one thing! My body clock is out of order and feel tired all the time, hopefully wear off soon...hopefully.
Been scanning today so more work on the way, and filming begins this week for PV so alot to look forward to.
In personal news with people sick lots of extra hours at work , keeping me busy but paying the bills.

Friday, 2 October 2009


It's always fun when you plan a trip home and you come down with a stinking cold. At the moment in dressing grown deciding whether to still go or stay in derby, either way im packed just not dressed.
In art news finally completed my Eva the grubby halfling piece (see full view on my DA page). It was the most use of brown i've used to date, but it was great working on a character so unglamorous and disgusting.
So now on the next of the role playing girls Tichuba from our pirates game.
In other news my sisters dog had puppies :D