Sunday, 29 July 2012

Back from the shire 2012

Crazy crazy stuff again!! it seams whenever I state that this will be updated more often life takes over :S
Well first
Wales was great! Weather was awful but was wonderful being able to see and catch up with my family and my friends. However did manage to miss the birth of my new nephew Ellis by 3 days but ah well :) 
The second week of holidays was slightly ruined by the bad weather as the boat trip had to be canceled, however did spend a relaxing time at home and went on several day trips with my partner. 
Second amount of crazy 
wedding planning as kicked in to motion, flowers ordered now, hopefully rings next month. Crazy.
Doctors! gahhhhhh! less said the better
 Art- with all the crazy most of my drawing time has been spent trying to get work done for 6d6, and portfolio printed and sent. Although in terms of personal work have completed some rp work, and started work on some re-designs on a RP setting my partner and myself are working on for savage worlds.
Also started an etsy store (will link when its ready and running) to sell some of my old paintings.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Hiya been on away on holiday! will post this evening with updates :D