Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Well good news everyone!
My new scanner is back and in business! Turns out the company dealing with my scanner repair went bust they reopened again...but out of this mess I have gotten a brand new one and so far it works perfectly (fingers crossed). But in the mean time I have been a busy bee this past week and a bit. With new scanner on the way I wanted to get rid of several pieces on my list.  Left is a forum icon I made for my partner Patrick King of his SLA INDUSTRIES character dark the business package carrien (mutant). This was a small sketch on a5 that was scanned in on his scanner and worked over this between other work.

Right is another SLA INDUSTRIES fan art I have been working on however shock horror I have returned to more traditional methods! This is the inked up and painted (red and black ink with watercolours) of a sketch I posted a few weeks ago of my rp character who is now a horrible smiling monster...but a happy one at that. This was on waterolour paper (a4). Enjoyed working on this made a welcome change from photoshop.
Speaking of which below is my biggest piece of the movement! Its called his song based on an idea I had of a half demon singing her love song to a human man in club, she is using a glamor knowing that no one will recognize her but hopefully he will hear her song and remember what they had together. I was working on a completely different digital sketch but while taken a break I worked on

this and well it grew from there. Still think more work can be done on this, but with the backlog of work I have its something I can afford to leave for now :).
 As usual all of these are available on my DA account in their full versions for you to enjoy.
In other news blood tests results are back..but have to wait 3 weeks to doctors appointment to talk about them :s, so playing the waiting game again. Will be updating again soon aiming to have something new to show each week.
When have I ever said that before.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A shire wedding

Well back from Wales refreshed and relaxed! Wedding was wonderful (weather behaved itself that day!) and had a amazing time! Got to dance drink and make merry with family and friends and had a bbq (well not quite to to weather). Also while home got to set the date for my own wedding :D so come 24th August 2013 I will be Emily King :D
 In art news still no scanner :( starting to get annoyed now giving it til end of month! But in the mean time been colouring some of my old work from last year and finishing a few bits and bobs such as the faun (left) and fantasy pin up (below). Hopefully some news on the scanner soon so I can start work again :D