Thursday, 15 April 2010

New new new

Again delays however this time this wasn't due to being lazy, my old mac died.
I had the machine since 2005 and when it died I was completely lost, most of my work was on my external hard drive but lost a lot of my recent work and sketches, several programs (which and currently reinstalling), and photos.
I handed my mac in to the care of my great friend Niel Munro who believe it or not happens to work in a mac shop! Well it wasn't good my old hard drive was ruined and burnt out. The thing that gets me all year I was saying about how precious I was about my old Mac as I wouldn't be able to afford to replace it and low and behold I had to replace it :(
But the most amazing parents stepped in a gave me the money to buy a shiny new one. So now with double the power of my old one and with all the sketches I did while I was computerless the art is back on track. Here are some samples of the work i've been currently been doing to see the full versions check my DA page.