Thursday, 14 October 2010

busy little bummble bee!

I've been busy! Ever since the work on the Eva piece I haven't stopped! Well that's not true I've had to go to work, and have many lazy nights in front of the TV (check out bb4 on Mondays for their horror specials! Now completed Patrick's goblin (left,  Sketched now four more goblins (Chris, Kaffe, Neil and Robin!), however my scanner is broken and has been sent away  to see whats wrong, so in the mean time have been working on character work that was in my back log of work. Including colouring my sla industries head shots

Monday, 4 October 2010

Back in the jam!

Great time with photoshop lately finally got the nude Eva Shinn kicker the horrible halfling done!
This meant a great deal to me as since the mac death I felt like I had lost touch with everything I learn't in photo shop the past few years the last thing I did and felt happy with was Elm'ra the Dreanei.
However a few days ago after I have finished the goblin I wanted to work on something and I chose the sketch of Eva from months ago and made a plan each part -the hair, skin, details, background I would work on one session at a time to stop myself getting frustrated and rushing the finish.
I beleived this worked for the best doing it this way actually got me excited about art again, and made me get to work as soon as I finished my job, not only because I wanted to finish it becuase I enjoyed it!
So here is a segment of her (very naked you see!) with the full version on DA just follow the link