Thursday, 10 February 2011

New place

I've disappeared again, but with reason!
Between christmas seasons and life myself and my partner decieded it would be the best time to move!
So we did.....
And the new place is awsome. Rented a new much bigger place which finally feels like a home not a studio flat with an extra wall and mould like our old place.
Been in new place almost a month and already health and moods have improved and finally feel free to do art again and going well so far, set up mac last week all ready to go..
..and my scanner is still broken. Got it "repaired" plugged in and turns out it hasn't been fixed so has been sent away. Again.
So while waiting colouring some old sketches, heres the start of a old pic base colours done while getting ready for work in the mournings. Also started work on straight to digital this week so here we go!