Monday, 9 April 2012


So here we are again.
I say sorry for being away.
But I HAVE A HOUSE! Yeah I have a good reason this time, myself and my partner have brought a house (moving in 2 weeks time) so its all go at the moment. That mixed with the hormone treatments, work and writing game systems means been little time for art or relaxing at all!
But it is happening and currently working on project I can't talk about yet but very exciting!  
However in my own project time have been working on mainly role playing based work, see my DA for recent character artworks, been doing species sample pages for NeoHorror, and the road to adventure project!
The road to adventure is a series of small sketches on A5 (3 characters a page) showing when all pages linked together a adventuring party consisting of halflings.  Have drawn 9 characters altogether and started on the "evil" party (also halflings). The first 3 can be seen here