Monday, 26 September 2011

More Dr.Sketchy

Some more of the work I did while at the workshop, more found here
5 min
Full view here
10 min
5 min

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Well im back again, was I away? I sure felt like it apart from facebook, and minecraft I've not been very net social (strange since im on here at least once a day) reason I'm not quite sure. Been down lately and been back to hospital to find I need to keep going back :s, tired from work all the time and just general feeling a bit fed up.
But am coming back :) got a illustration project for a friends film on the way, a few commissions and some fun stuff here soon! But over the next few weeks  I will be uploading more work such as left a sketch I did at Dr.Sketchy notts.

But these past few months well.. turned 26, went on holiday, traveled back and forth from Wales and of course RP Mouse (bottom left) is from the Red Dwarf rp and Bray (bottom middle) is a continuation of the fantasy portraits I have been working on. And  the other mouse picture (bottom right) well thats for mature audiences...