Monday, 30 June 2008

Sorry for lack of updates things have been very odd and busy. First of all moving this weekend so the last few weeks have been spent sorting out details and finding a place, as well as finding work. However have manged to do a few commisions and been uploading work to my DA account. Still working on my site however the site doesnt agree with my mac so watch this space ....
may be another sort while to my next update due to house move thus no net for while. 
Here is my degree show faun sketch made with ink and coffee!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Doogle mania!

Updates slow this week, and have not been able to work on site thus the digital and traditional links still do not work. The reason for being this week was the last week of degree show and the week we get our results back, and i passed everything. I was especially pleased with my B for my dissertation as i was worried how my tutor would react to my subject matter. My topic was on the sexuality of monsters, and the role of female monsters in art and modern visual media e.g. computer games, focusing on the art of masahiro Ito ,  and the silent hill series. What worried me was my tutor reading my writing on the sexual nature, but i got a good grade so i guess she enjoyed it.
I now have all my work back now, so I will in the next few days be able to scan in my work from degree show, including my sketch collections (selected sketch above). I have also had a few calls this week for interviews one actually this evening and another on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

more work on the way

Well is been a busy weekend my parents have been up from wales and several of my friends have left the area. So its been some mixed feelings all around. But no chance to ponder i have a month to find work and a place to live, plus to promote my work. busy busy busy..
Any -oot the links do not work at the moment except the link to my deviant art page. Will be sorted soon.
Have completed my colouring of a art challenge piece i did in easter for Lucy Williams, originally it was just a pencil drawing but decided as i now have time to return to it and give her colour. The full image can be found on my deviant art page.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Sketch time

Today has been a fun day went to Megazone Derby for a birthday and failed.. Never been to good, especially as my dear love likes to give me a quick kiss when i've been killed just so as soon i come back to life he tags me :( ah well was good.
Been working on sketches lately completed a ink illustration for Lucy Williams the full version is on my DA account.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Well its in the oven...

Now work is over I have been able to relax considerate on non University work, thus have been spending the past few days sketching and finishing off work. Firstly was an art trade I did for Sophie Pickard  of a werewolf character design (left ), now currently sketching ideas and working on pieces in photoshop. Also have completed the daughter of the sky piece(. As well as art i have also started baking again and today is a  birthday  cake which is the biggest mix ive made before but its in the oven now....