Friday, 14 September 2012

Hobbits halflings and hobkin!

Well after months finally got around to finishing the party! here we have have:

Daisy Hoppot- bard
Brian Hawthorne - knight
Charlotte five-fingers
Jack McHugh - Fighter
Esme Lightfoot - Priestess
Owen Oakwood - Ranger
Sofie Swiftblade - Assassin
Quentin Queensbury - Black belt/boxer
Roslyn Rosebud - Druid
Winston Willowfire - wizard

you can see a better version clicking on the above image, you can also see the seperate versions by clicking below

In other news had a tooth extraction and now the world is weird and made of pain!! But more work coming soon!

Friday, 31 August 2012


So yeah yesterday was my 27th birthday! To celebrate I found this old ink sketch of red pyramid and decided to colour him in. As I stated in previous posts I've started breakfast projects this has become my birthday resolution! So watch this space! again!
On another note been working for 6d6 doing illustrations for a upcoming lovecraft project check there website here

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Very sketchy!

Well I have been sketchy! Started a new way of thinking of all my stockpiles of old art.
Breakfast projects!
Rather than waste my time surfing the net (mainly I will spend my time working on things that need finishing.
And so far its been a success (left is the coloured pockets)
Soon followed by week 2 with Eska the Orc girl (below) then again by the Thorn family (below eska)
Am hoping his is a turn around for me, have already finished two more pieces today which I will post about after my birthday and have based coated 7 more halflings to add to the adventure collection so watch this space!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sketchy sketchy

Been sketching away this weekend, just some little doodles on the side of work to help me relax. 
Here's "pockets" my rp character for sundered skies on A5.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Back from the shire 2012

Crazy crazy stuff again!! it seams whenever I state that this will be updated more often life takes over :S
Well first
Wales was great! Weather was awful but was wonderful being able to see and catch up with my family and my friends. However did manage to miss the birth of my new nephew Ellis by 3 days but ah well :) 
The second week of holidays was slightly ruined by the bad weather as the boat trip had to be canceled, however did spend a relaxing time at home and went on several day trips with my partner. 
Second amount of crazy 
wedding planning as kicked in to motion, flowers ordered now, hopefully rings next month. Crazy.
Doctors! gahhhhhh! less said the better
 Art- with all the crazy most of my drawing time has been spent trying to get work done for 6d6, and portfolio printed and sent. Although in terms of personal work have completed some rp work, and started work on some re-designs on a RP setting my partner and myself are working on for savage worlds.
Also started an etsy store (will link when its ready and running) to sell some of my old paintings.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Hiya been on away on holiday! will post this evening with updates :D

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Where have I been and what I've done

Well its been a while.. So what have I been doing-
Well a lot! 
We have brought the house and now happily settled in, I've tried, fitted and brought my wedding dress, started gathering other little bits and bobs for the wedding. And two major big things...We now have this little bundle of fluff and licks called Bodie! A little black tom cat who is a lot bigger than this picture already.
The other big news Is that I'm now working as an artist for 6D6, its currently free work in my spare time from my day job but worth it. Some previews of the work we're doing will be out in the next few weeks.
 So as you can imagine between Sale prep at work, moving house, wedding planing, kitten and doing work for 6D6 (will be able to show work soon) I haven't had much time for my own work and projects, however have managed to sneak some in. Been using our RP sessions to sketch and breakfast time to colour will be posting a new gallery on my DA with all of these soon. One that I'm pleased with is lost in the woods (right) It started as a A5 sketch of the girl and turned in a small piece. (Click for larger view).

A view bits of bobs on the way my current break time/breakfast time picture is for our current D&D campaign, its a picture of my character (a halfling bard) Cherry's parents featuring a baby version my character. Here is the sketch so far, hoping for some extra exp for this...

Monday, 9 April 2012


So here we are again.
I say sorry for being away.
But I HAVE A HOUSE! Yeah I have a good reason this time, myself and my partner have brought a house (moving in 2 weeks time) so its all go at the moment. That mixed with the hormone treatments, work and writing game systems means been little time for art or relaxing at all!
But it is happening and currently working on project I can't talk about yet but very exciting!  
However in my own project time have been working on mainly role playing based work, see my DA for recent character artworks, been doing species sample pages for NeoHorror, and the road to adventure project!
The road to adventure is a series of small sketches on A5 (3 characters a page) showing when all pages linked together a adventuring party consisting of halflings.  Have drawn 9 characters altogether and started on the "evil" party (also halflings). The first 3 can be seen here

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Things be changing

Well now there is a reason I've been away and its not laziness....
Me and my partner are buying a house :)  
So far so good, just  going through the paper work and fingers crossed will be moving in to our own home in the next few months.
So lots of changes over the next few months, with house, starting proper plans for wedding and art!
Started selling some button heart canvas here  
and also commissions.
Have lacking with personal projects due to retail work load, but have managed to get my side project the revamp of the Neo horror poster done (left) and a few doodles coloured (below) 
Currently working on a character piece will update soon :)