Saturday, 17 December 2011


Well its been a while ..again.
But well they know whats wrong now and I really don't mind sharing its how I get my mind around it. I have a Prolactinoma, its a non-cancerous tumor living in my brain.  What it means its a life on meds, with possible scary side-effects but hey well that's life.
Starting after Christmas so at least my family wont have to deal with a crazy lady, which reminds me I am actually going back to wales this year! Only for 3 days but its 3 days with my family made even more specially since I found out I'll going to be an auntie again :)
As you can imagine with everything going art has been pretty slow. Done a few sketches, working on several pieces and made a few canvas's for Christmas presents. 
Also got a paid commission on the go which has cheered the mood a bit :) Its pony based but going to be fun, speaking of which got a view test prices below anytakers?

Single character aka pony pic (see below) $10
Print of above posted to you  $15

Friday, 25 November 2011


Off to Wales see you next week!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dr. Sketchy mark 2

Attended Dr. Sketchy again, this time at Derby Quad with Yvash and Aaron Murphy. Like last time had a great day! It was so nice and relaxing drawing in a group again, and the Halloween theme raised everyone's spirits. Left is a collection of sketches from the day ranging from 5 to 15 mins, the one on bottom right I even won a prize for :). For the day I used a mixture of materials pencil, pen, chalk, and watercolour pencils.

In other art news not much, well I say not much. Still working on colouring the reworked NeoHorror poster, around half way done. The real problem with it is I have to colour every character separately which takes time, but hopefully the end result will be worth it :)
Have also been working on 4 character designs for my partner, based on characters he is writing several short stories about.
Below is some more from Dr. Sketchy full versions on my DA

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

More monster fun

Another little monster her name is Violet. I personally don't think she came out as nice as Max but o well. This monster was a completely digital one oppose to Max which I worked from a basic pencil sketch.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

here be monsters...

Well its been a busy week started a new fitness kick, lost 2 pounds when I was last weighed on Sunday so waiting to Saturday to see If I have lost anymore fingers crossed..
And apart from that MONSTERS! Be entered into the Lets Draw Monsters new mascot contest so here's my entree Monster Max! The conditions for contest was cute and simple so I hope he'll win the judges over with that cheeky grin. This was a redo of a piece I did on Tegaki recently, and drawing in photoshop cs2.
In other art news have completed my resent commission to do a series of pieces illustrating a short story, did 10 A3 paintings although but have chosen to redo one of them as I have a spare 3 weeks before deadline. So now with those projects out of the way time to return to the poster project!

Monday, 10 October 2011


Joined Tegaki E to see what all the fuss was about and was.. surprised. The interface and principle is simple, a forum/blog using pictures any skill level any subject. So far have not got involved in the community but enjoying the simple tools ( the lack of layers can get frustrating) but to quickly spring out ideas and sketches its a lot of fun. Going to use the site for ideas and also testing my skill at fast digital images and creating work without the safety net of a layer of pencil line art.(left)
In other news still working on the "man who painted the world" illustrations decided to add one more imagine to the piece, thus now just two more paintings to go.
Also completed the rough pencil sketches of the re-do of the Neo-horror poster from 1998-0, and working on several cute monster designs for the lets draw monsters logo competition (left)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Old work...

This week working on commission for the excellent Spekti working on several A3 illustrations in indian ink and  watercolour. Only 2/3 more to go!
Also taking a break from said project (deadline end of the month) to work on a commission from a friend, and also reworking a poster I made back when I was 14! In 12 years I hope ive improved :s, thus challenge to re-do the poster (extract left), so here goes...

Monday, 26 September 2011

More Dr.Sketchy

Some more of the work I did while at the workshop, more found here
5 min
Full view here
10 min
5 min

Saturday, 24 September 2011


Well im back again, was I away? I sure felt like it apart from facebook, and minecraft I've not been very net social (strange since im on here at least once a day) reason I'm not quite sure. Been down lately and been back to hospital to find I need to keep going back :s, tired from work all the time and just general feeling a bit fed up.
But am coming back :) got a illustration project for a friends film on the way, a few commissions and some fun stuff here soon! But over the next few weeks  I will be uploading more work such as left a sketch I did at Dr.Sketchy notts.

But these past few months well.. turned 26, went on holiday, traveled back and forth from Wales and of course RP Mouse (bottom left) is from the Red Dwarf rp and Bray (bottom middle) is a continuation of the fantasy portraits I have been working on. And  the other mouse picture (bottom right) well thats for mature audiences...

Thursday, 21 July 2011



I can't belive July is already here and already half way though! Although it does mean sale will be over soon so will hopefully have time off soon :)
Would like to report the weather has been beauitful but this is Great Britain with the great British weather :s So rain all the way.
Been fairy busy with sale, medical and social things, but have manged to get some art work done. My partner has started running a new fantasy themed role play, and thus I have been working on Georgian style portraits of all the player characters, left is my character the Lady Eleanor Moran a dragon mage, below left is Skyre the ships first mate plated by Robin Smith ,  right Elan Longbow Lady Moran's loyal centaur bodyguard. These were small A5 sketches coloured in Adobe Photoshop.
Got several more of these to go when I have the time, got several non-personal projects I need to finish first.
Have also managed to do some ink paintings  of turnips!!! Yes I know its strange

 but its true! been doing some creature concepts in ink and watercolour for a comic I'm working on, its a odd fantasy setting and the man-eating turnips are a roaming monster. Below is part of one of the designs click the image to see the full version and have more here .
More work to come!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sketchy times take 2

And heres what I've been working on this week! See full version here

Sunday, 5 June 2011

sketchy times

 Sketching away this week! Enjoying sketching away however been doing some proffesional work. (Below) Is some basic colour tests I've been doing mock ups for a project I'm a part off

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Just a quicky!

Well I said I would be back!
 Here is a sketch I now have gotten coloured for my partner. His name is Objoy and he is a blackmage...and short!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Well good news everyone!
My new scanner is back and in business! Turns out the company dealing with my scanner repair went bust they reopened again...but out of this mess I have gotten a brand new one and so far it works perfectly (fingers crossed). But in the mean time I have been a busy bee this past week and a bit. With new scanner on the way I wanted to get rid of several pieces on my list.  Left is a forum icon I made for my partner Patrick King of his SLA INDUSTRIES character dark the business package carrien (mutant). This was a small sketch on a5 that was scanned in on his scanner and worked over this between other work.

Right is another SLA INDUSTRIES fan art I have been working on however shock horror I have returned to more traditional methods! This is the inked up and painted (red and black ink with watercolours) of a sketch I posted a few weeks ago of my rp character who is now a horrible smiling monster...but a happy one at that. This was on waterolour paper (a4). Enjoyed working on this made a welcome change from photoshop.
Speaking of which below is my biggest piece of the movement! Its called his song based on an idea I had of a half demon singing her love song to a human man in club, she is using a glamor knowing that no one will recognize her but hopefully he will hear her song and remember what they had together. I was working on a completely different digital sketch but while taken a break I worked on

this and well it grew from there. Still think more work can be done on this, but with the backlog of work I have its something I can afford to leave for now :).
 As usual all of these are available on my DA account in their full versions for you to enjoy.
In other news blood tests results are back..but have to wait 3 weeks to doctors appointment to talk about them :s, so playing the waiting game again. Will be updating again soon aiming to have something new to show each week.
When have I ever said that before.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A shire wedding

Well back from Wales refreshed and relaxed! Wedding was wonderful (weather behaved itself that day!) and had a amazing time! Got to dance drink and make merry with family and friends and had a bbq (well not quite to to weather). Also while home got to set the date for my own wedding :D so come 24th August 2013 I will be Emily King :D
 In art news still no scanner :( starting to get annoyed now giving it til end of month! But in the mean time been colouring some of my old work from last year and finishing a few bits and bobs such as the faun (left) and fantasy pin up (below). Hopefully some news on the scanner soon so I can start work again :D

Monday, 18 April 2011

Still waiting..

Still waiting on news for the scanner, really started to get annoyed now :(
 So going back to old work and looking at some pure digital work again, on the left is a faun I'm working on for my partners pen and paper role-playing game in the works.  Enjoying it so far apart from the colouring of old work. I personally hate looking at my old stuff especially line art, all I can see is mistakes and things I could improve on If I didnt have a backlog for work both new and old to complete :/
Below is one of these old pieces a small sketch on A5 of a character is had in a dream, her name was Frieda and I'm not quite sure what is she some sort of forest spirit?
Drew her based upon the early final fantasy works all eyes and head!  Happy with how she turned out for now just did a quick colour and added some background texture.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Scanner ...almost

Still no scanner but borrows mates the other day, so more of this to come.

And this is for fun while waiting :)

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Back from the shire (again)

Well i'm back from the shire and not a chance to rest yet! Been cleaning, working and trying to unpack, yiu may say but you were away did'nt you rest there...
No. I'm from an old welsh family which means my family and extended family is huge! My mother was one of 8 so my time was spent visiting family, babysitting and getting stuck in Cardiff.  But it was great! As I said I got stuck in Cardiff I was visiting my good friend Lucy and her little one...however we were'nt able to get on our bus and we had to run to the bus stop...we missed by 5 minutes! So I had to make a classey shopping trip to buy pants and a toothbrush and ended up stopping the night. It ended up being the highlight of the trip it was'nt planed but we got to spend time together and chill :)
The only downside to being at home (apart from missing partner) was packing away childhood. My parents are selling the house, so it was my job to spend a day packing up anything that was still mine and all my old toys to put into a carboot sale and any sketchbooks to go into storage at my Dad's workshop. Was very strange.
Anyhoo, didn't manage to get the sketching I had planed when away due to family keeping me busy, but need manage to get some dead lands character sketches planed out, and finally painted the cover of my sketchbook. Now I'm back in Derby have finally finished my art trade with Lucy of her character Ella (left) the full version can be seen here. Again another full digital piece with a promise of more to come!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Off to the shire

Well I'm off to Wales again for a week so no updates, so here's were I am with the Ella pic. See ya soon!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Digital love

As I said in my last post much digital love at the moment, with the scanner broken (again) have been working more straight from digital and its been working! Well I think so at least :)
Been doing more SLA Industries based fan art (left) in prep for future games, and also as a challenge to myself to do work outside of my comfort zone and work with armor and weapons more.
Have still been sketching working again with SLA based fan art and several commissions out of the way, however without scanner progress has been slow.
The scanner has been sent away (again) to espon hopefully this time it will be fix. Fingers crossed.

This is what I'm currently working on between day job and life issues and its been a lot of fun. Its an art trade between myself and fellow artist Lucy Williams. Its of her character Ella a rabbit mutant with cybernetic limbs (left arm, right leg) the theme was power. All I could think of for this was the old poster images of women from ww2, so I rolled with it! Working in photoshop cs2, this is a shot from several days ago since then most of the base work on face, eyes, skin and ears done now working on her cybernetic arm.
In other news was made head of handbags at work (whatever that means) and off to wales on Saturday so fun times ahead!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Result of SLA and photoshop


Been back in the SLA themed action past few weeks thanks to the new SLA forums if you a fan of the game please check it out! Due to this been playing much more SLA recently and been inspired to do some fan art. Currently piece is of a Wraithen albino named Pelen Eira "snowball". Been trying to paint straight to digital recently rather than colouring pencil work. So far working well although much more time consuming.
Have been enjoying working straight to digital started with some small sketches such as below, then into full blow works. Just hope this keeps up. 

Thursday, 10 February 2011

New place

I've disappeared again, but with reason!
Between christmas seasons and life myself and my partner decieded it would be the best time to move!
So we did.....
And the new place is awsome. Rented a new much bigger place which finally feels like a home not a studio flat with an extra wall and mould like our old place.
Been in new place almost a month and already health and moods have improved and finally feel free to do art again and going well so far, set up mac last week all ready to go..
..and my scanner is still broken. Got it "repaired" plugged in and turns out it hasn't been fixed so has been sent away. Again.
So while waiting colouring some old sketches, heres the start of a old pic base colours done while getting ready for work in the mournings. Also started work on straight to digital this week so here we go!